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Discover The Difference

Maven Independent Salon Studios is nothing like the sterile atmosphere and blank walls of your typical salon studios.  With our unique environment, you and your guests will feel the difference upon walking through the door.


noun  ma·ven \ mā-vən \

: A connoisseur : A trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass timely and relevant knowledge on to others in the respective field. :

  • Location: Our facility is strategically located in the vastly growing area of Urbandale, IA providing convenient access for your guests in multiple surrounding suburbs in the Des Moines Metro area.

  • The Design:  Our uniquely designed space will give you that "salon feel" within your own personal space.  Our decor; from our lighting to our furnishings, is warm and inviting, yet simplistic with many eye-catching pieces.

  • Hospitality:  We believe in creating a one-of-a-kind salon experience. You and your guests will be welcomed by the vibrant atmosphere upon walking through the door.  Spa water and fresh brewed coffee served daily  in the client lounge.

  • Custom Studios:  Not all beauty professions require the same tools and furnishing.  We offer made-to-suite studios to best fit your needs.  You will also have the freedom to add your own style and personal touches to your studio with paint, decor, music and more

  • Be in Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself: Here, you will be surrounded by a community of like-minded beauty professionals who desire the same independence and experiences as you.

  • Maternity Leave Discount: We understand that family is, and should be your first priority.  That is why we offer a discounted rate for up to 8 weeks for maternity leave.

  • Insulated Walls: Even though we tend to be social butterflies in this industry, we know you also value your privacy.  Insulated walls help make that possible by reducing noise so you and your guests can enjoy a one-on-one relaxing experience

  • Optimal Lighting:  Lighting is EVERYTHING!  especially in the beauty business.  We have created a space that includes warm, elegant lighting in the common areas, dimmable lighting in our Spa Units, and lighted mirrors and high-quality LED Lighting in our Stylist Units and Station Rentals.

  • Marketing:  We want to not only provide you with a facility you'll love, but we also want you to be as successful as possible!  You will receive a listing on our website including a photo, bio, and link to your personal websites and social media platforms. 

  • Member Appreciation Events: We want you to know how much we appreciate you!  Member appreciation events are held quarterly.

  • Continuing Education: We know how important it is to continuously expand your skills.  We bring education to you by hosting a variety of educators in-house.

  • On-site Management: Our owner/manager is on-site full-time to answer any question and tackle any issues you may experience.

Life at Maven Independent Salon Studios

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